Characterization of Polyethylene oxide (PEO) Nanofibers by Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

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Carlos Fuhrhop - Präsentator*in

We investigate the properties of the Polymers nanofibers for its application in the sensors area. Hence, are very important the geometrical, mechanical and electrical properties of the fibers. We produce the fibers by electrospinning; this method is a simple and quick technique for producing fibers with nanoscale diameters from a wide range of materials. In this process, a strong electric field causes a viscous solution to form a Taylor cone, from which a thin fluid jet is formed. This fluid jet may harden by a variety of processes and become a continuous fiber.
In this work we present the geometrical and the mechanical properties of the Polyethylene oxide fibers. We have deposited PEO nanofibers over a glass plate and used an Atomic Force Microscope to measure their topography and their Young’s modulus. We have used the Hertz model to calculate the Young’s modulus (nanoindentation).



Berlin, Deutschland

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