51. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie - DGPS 2018

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Sarah E. Martiny - Vorsitzende/r

Carolin Schuster - Vorsitzende/r

    In this symposium, we present experimental research that shows that the belief that men and women fundamentally differ in central domains of life continues to exist and that it is a source of social inequality with far-reaching consequences. In a first step, we investigate how social media communicate the importance of perfect looks for women and how this affects their body self-perception and self-esteem (N = 165). Then, in a set of cross-national studies (N = 821), we investigate how men working in prototypically female occupations are perceived by others and if the loss in agency caused by their “feminine” role can be compensated through masculinity in a different domain. Next, we turn to an educational context and demonstrate in a set of studies (N = 471) that pre-service teachers’ grading of students’ exams is influenced by their gender stereotypes. More precisely, in line with the shifting standards model, pre-service teachers who endorse gender stereotypes, but not those who do not, grade girls in German and boys in mathematics worse than vice versa. Finally, in an organizational context we, first, present two studies (N = 312) that show while hostile sexism elicits anger in women and thus increases their leadership aspiration, benevolent sexism reduces women’s self-confidence and thus reduces their leadership aspiration. Then, in a large experiment (N > 700), we revisit a prominent finding regarding gender differences in negotiations: While past research has assumed that gender differences are eliminated in “strong” (i.e., low in ambiguity) situations, we show that gender differences can also emerge in “strong” situations as men, unlike women, disregard social comparison information but behave in line with gender stereotypes. The lessons learnt from these findings for reducing gender-normative pressures and gender inequality will be integrated and discussed.
    51. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie - DGPS 2018


    51. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie - DGPS 2018


    Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Deutschland

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