42. Jahresversammlung der Gesellschaft für Ökologie - GfÖ 2012

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David Walmsley - Sprecher*in

    Platform for Sustainable Aviation Fuels - Combining Ecological Research and Sustainability Management with Industrial Needs

    The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has set itself the target of carbon neutral growth from 2020 onwards and a 50% reduction in net CO2 emissions over 2005 levels by 2050. Accepting this assumption and considering an IATA forecasted average fuel demand growth of 3% p.a. approximately 18 million tonnes of biofuel would be required in 2020 alone, an amount, which is similar in size to the global production of rapeseed oil in 2010. To meet this demand readily deployable and economically viable concepts for the sustainable production of bio-kerosene feedstock are urgently required. As part of the Innovation Incubator at the Leuphana University, Lüneburg, the “Platform for Sustainable Aviation Fuels” investigates two concepts for the sustainable production of plant oil: i) the cultivation of two members of the Brassica family, Thlaspi arvense (L.) and Camelina sativa (Crantz) in double cropping systems in Germany, and ii) the production of oil from the neotropical hemerophilous palm Acrocomia aculeata (Jacq.) in managed silvopastoral systems in Brazil. In our paper we briefly outline these concepts and discuss their suitability as ecologically and socio-economically sustainable biofuel feedstock production pathways. We present initial results from experimental studies on the ecological sustainability of plant oil production in German double cropping systems and also address inter- and transdisciplinarity challenges, such as the definition, measurement and/or certification of sustainability. As many current funding opportunities, particularly those associated with bioenergy, require some form of industrial application or cooperation with a commercial partner, we summarize our experiences with industry-orientated research within the Innovation Incubator.
    42. Jahresversammlung der Gesellschaft für Ökologie - GfÖ 2012


    42. Jahresversammlung der Gesellschaft für Ökologie - GfÖ 2012: From Basic Ecology to the Challenges of Modern Society


    Lüneburg , Deutschland

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