41. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Ökologie - GfÖ 2011

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    Seed dispersal and predation: Interactions, ecosystem functions and services

    Seed dispersal and predation are fascinating ecological processes and have a vital influence on the spatial and temporal structures of ecosystems. Other than pollination, dispersal is the only form of gene flow between plant populations and also enables plant species to occupy new habitats; hence it facilitates a major contribution to biodiversity. Seed predation on the other hand is often viewed as an ecosystem dis-service and can therefore have a negative impact on plant reproduction and community composition. However, seed ecology in most ecosystems is poorly understood or only isolated studies are conducted, which deal with singular aspects regarding seed ecology.

    The goal of this session is to provide a platform for seed ecologists, spanning from research of dispersal/predation mechanisms and strategies to the role of seed ecology for ecosystem functions and services in the light of the effects of global change drivers like land use intensification and global climate warming at multiple scales.
    This session aims to discuss the role of basic seed ecology topics in the framework of ecosystem functions and services, patterns and processes and the influence of environmental changes not only on the plant community level but also on the dispersers and predators.
    Topics such as biotic and abiotic dispersal strategies, the importance of seed predation in altered ecosystems, dispersal distances and their role in community structures, seed predation in agricultural systems as well as the role of predation and dispersal of invasive species are wanted for this session.
    41. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Ökologie - GfÖ 2011


    41. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Ökologie - GfÖ 2011: Ecological Functions, Patterns, Processes


    Oldenburg, Deutschland

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