Taxonomic revision of the African and Southwest Asian species of Platyderus Stephens, subg. Eremoderus Jeanne (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Sphodrini)

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Species of the subgenus Eremoderus Jeanne, 1996, genus Platyderus Stephens, 1827, occurring in continental Africa (excluding Macaronesia) and southwest Asia, are taxonomically revised. The following new species groups and species are defined and described, “weiratheri” group: Platyderus (Eremoderus) chatzakiae, sp. nov. (type locality: Greece, Kalymnos Island, near Stimenia Village); “iranicus-vanensis” group: Platyderus (Eremoderus) felixi, sp. nov. (type locality: Iran, Chahar Mahal va Bakhtiari Province, 10 km west of Naghan Town); Platyderus (Eremoderus) iranicus, sp. nov. (type locality: Iran, Chahar Mahal va Bakhtiari Province, 7 km NE Naghan Town); Platyderus (Eremoderus) vanensis, sp. nov. (type locality: Turkey, Van Province, Gevaş Town); Platyderus (Eremoderus) vrabeci, sp. nov. (type locality: Turkey, Nemrut Daği); “lassallei” group: Platyderus (Eremoderus) lassallei, sp. nov. (type locality: Iran, Mazandaran Province, between Nur City and Lavij Village); “davatchii” group: Platyderus (Eremoderus) klapperichi, sp. nov. (type locality: Iran, Mazandaran Province, Damavand, 2000 m); “afghanistanicus” group: Platyderus (Eremoderus) afghanistanicus, sp. nov. (type locality: Afghanistan, “Habatah”); “languidus” group: Platyderus (Eremoderus) arabicus, sp. nov. (type locality: Saudi Arabia, “Hedjaz”); Platyderus (Eremoderus) brunki, sp. nov. (type locality: Republic of Yemen, Thula District, between Kaukaban and Shibam); Platyderus (Eremoderus) irakensis, sp. nov. (type locality: Iraq, Ar Rutba District, 115 km E Ar-Rutbah Town); Platyderus (Eremoderus) jordanensis, sp. nov. (type locality: Jordan, Al-Betrā’ District, Little Petra). Six previously described species — P. brunneus Karsch, P. insignitus Bedel, P. languidus Reiche & Saulcy, P. ledouxi Morvan, P. taghizadehi Morvan, and P. weiratheri Mařan — are redescribed based on type and/or non-type material. P. davatchii Morvan placed as a member of the subgenus was not treated due to the lack of material available for study. The following new nomenclature acts are proposed: Platyderus brunneus Karsch, 1881, stat. rev., is removed from synonymy with Feronia languida Reiche & Saulcy, 1855; Platyderus elegans Bedel, 1900, syn. nov., is proposed as junior synonym of Platyderus brunneus Karsch, 1881; Platyderus ferrantei Reitter, 1909 is proposed as subspecies Platyderus brunneus ferrantei Reitter, 1909, stat. nov. In order to preserve the stability of nomenclature, lectotypes are designated for: Feronia languida Reiche & Saulcy, Platyderus brunneus Karsch, and Platyderus weiratheri Mařan. Keys to identification of the male and female specimens of the species from the regions studied are provided.

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JournalDeutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift
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Publication statusPublished - 13.06.2022

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Bernd Jaeger (MFNB), Boris Kataev (Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia), Jose Serrano (Universidad de Murcia, Murcia, Spain), Pier Mauro Giachino (Settore Fitosanitario Regionale, Torino, Italy), Thierry Deuve (MNHN) and Ingo Brunk (Dresden, Germany) have been very helpful in finding bibliographic references not available to us. Thierry Deuve provided information about the type material of Sphodrus parumstriatus Fairmaire. Ingo Brunk, Maria Chatzaki (Democritus University of Thrace, Komotini, Greece), Bernard Lassalle (Boissy-les-Perche, France), Christoph Reuter (Hamburg, Germany) and Vladimir Vrabec (Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Prague, Czech Republic) are highly appreciated for providing information about the type localities of some species. TA and DW thank the colleague Prof. Dr. Fares Khoury (American University of Madabā, Madabā, Jordan) for his collaboration and generous support of this work.

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