“Take Care of You” – Efficacy of integrated, minimal-guidance, internet-based self-help for reducing co-occurring alcohol misuse and depression symptoms in adults: Results of a three-arm randomized controlled trial

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  • Christian Baumgartner
  • Michael P. Schaub
  • Andreas Wenger
  • Doris Malischnig
  • Mareike Augsburger
  • Dirk Lehr
  • Matthijs Blankers
  • David D. Ebert
  • Severin Haug

Background: Depression and harmful alcohol use are two of the top five leading causes of years of life lost to disability in high-income countries. Integrated treatment targeting both at the same time is often considered more complicated and difficult and, therefore, more expensive. Consequently, integrated internet-based interventions could be a valuable addition to traditional care. Methods: A three-arm randomized controlled trial was conducted comparing the effectiveness of (1) an integrated, minimal-guidance, adherence-focused self-help intervention designed to reduce both alcohol use and depression symptoms (AFGE-AD); (2) a similar intervention designed to reduce alcohol use only (AFGE-AO), and (3) internet access as usual (IAU) as a control condition, in at least moderately depressed alcohol misusers from February 2016—March 2020. We recruited 689 alcohol misusers (51.6 % males, mean age = 42.8 years) with at least moderate depression symptoms not otherwise in treatment from the general population. Six months after baseline, 288 subjects (41.8 %) were reachable for the final assessment. Results: All interventions yielded reduced alcohol-use after six months (AFGE-AD: -16.6; AFGE-AO: -19.8; IAU: -13.2). Those who undertook active-interventions reported significantly fewer standard drinks than controls (AFGE-AD: p = .048, d=0.10; AFGE-AO: p = .004, d=0.20). The two active-intervention groups also reported significantly less severe depression symptoms than controls (AFGE-AD: p = .006, d=0.41; AFGE-AO: p = .008, d=0.43). Testing revealed noninferiority between the two interventions. Conclusions: This study documented sustained effectiveness of the first integrated, fully internet-based self-help intervention developed for the reduction of both alcohol use and depression symptoms in at least moderately depressed adult alcohol misusers recruited from the general population.

Original languageEnglish
Article number108806
JournalDrug and Alcohol Dependence
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - 01.08.2021

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  • Alcohol, Co-occurring disorders, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Depression, Internet, Motivational interviewing
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