Female Entrepreneurship -PI Training für Unternehmerinnen

Project: Research

Project participants

  • Frese, Michael (Project manager, academic)
  • Brüning, Tabea (Project staff)
  • Bischoff, Kim Marie (Project manager, academic)
  • Erning, Elisabeth (Project staff)
  • Hafner, Mona (Project staff)
  • Move gGmbH, Entrepreneurship Training Institute


In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the team will conduct a randomized controlled experiment with 3,600 female entrepreneurs in Goma and Lubumbashi. We compare two types of training settings aiming to increase business success: the Personal Initiative training taught to the female entrepreneurs alone (“PI”) and a version of the Personal Initiative training including the partner/husband of the female entrepreneur (“PI²”). We will evaluate which version of the training will be more successful in changing the mindset of female entrepreneurs to increase their personal initiative and business success. 1,200 female-entrepreneurs will be in each treatment arm (individual PI training – “PI”, PI training involving the partner – “PI²”, and control group). The project is implemented by the PADMPME (“Projet d’Appui au Développement des Micro, Petites et Moyennes Entreprises”) by the Congolese Ministry of SMEs in collaboration with the World Bank