Decolonising and Diversifying the Curriculum

Project: Teaching

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For Winter Semester 2023/2024 we are meeting in C25.007, from 10:00 - 11:30 on the following days:
Wednesday 25th October
Wednesday 29th November
Wednesday 20th December
Wednesday 31st January

You are welcome to join us at any time. All meetings are held in English.

The aim of Decolonising and Diversifying the Curriculum is to provide a space for staff members who are interested in how to modify and adapt their curricula and teaching practice to include scholars and perspectives from beyond their disciplinary canons. While exact definitions and categorisations of who is and/or should be included in curricula are to be treated with caution, the hope is to have a greater inclusion of scholars offering perspectives that are not based on the position of a white, male, Western European norm.

More abstractly speaking, efforts to decolonise and diversify curricula and teaching practice confront us with questions about knowledge production and re-production in higher education spaces. Who says what, who listens, who is left out, and how do these choices shape our understandings.

Changing our curricula is not an easy task, particularly when attempting to do it alone. This session offers a starting point for conversations and support among peers from across different disciplines to share experiences, ideas, and difficulties and to offer a chance to establish a self-organised network of academics at Leuphana who want to pursue decolonisation and diversification in the content and practice of their teaching.
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