Data Literacy Education

Project: Transfer (R&D project)

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Data literacy is a fundamental competence to be able to exist and participate in the digital world in science, work and society. Data literacy is the ability to deal with data in a planned manner and to consciously use and question it in its respective context. This includes: collecting, exploring, managing, curating, analyzing, visualizing, interpreting, contextualizing, assessing and applying data. Data literacy shapes digitization and the global knowledge society in all sectors and disciplines. At the same time, university graduates in all subjects must have subject-specific data literacy skills for science and for the world of work. Universities are not yet addressing the acquisition of data literacy and subject-specific data skills on a broad scale. While a number of specialized data science study programs have already emerged and are still emerging in the field of the traditional subjects of computer science, mathematics and statistics, there is still a lack of concepts and offerings for the comprehensive acquisition of data literacy skills by students of all subjects.