Archivio Nicola Massimo De Feo

Project: Research

Project participants

  • Nigro, Roberto (Coordination)
  • Marzocca, Ottavio (Coordination)
  • Casale, Rita (Coordination)
  • Ciccarelli, Roberto (Project staff)
  • Licinio, Arcangelo (Project staff)
  • Marzocca, Ottavio (Project staff)
  • Nigro, Roberto (Project staff)
  • Casale, Rita (Project staff)
  • Gadaleta, Claudia (Project staff)
  • di Girolamo, Cristina (Project staff)
  • Papagni, Sabrina (Project staff)
  • Spagnuolo, Marco (Project staff)
  • University Of Wuppertal


From a discussion among students of philosophy at Bari, the idea of the Nicola Massimo de Feo Archive was born months ago and is now taking shape in the publication of the site.
The project is based on the will to collectively read and discuss the thought of this original interpreter of twentieth-century critical thought, professor of moral philosophy, rediscovering a forgotten history of the University of Bari. Therefore, to disseminate and make accessible his writings - articles, intervention materials, research, books - both with their transcription and with the digitisation of the originals. Alongside this, texts (published or unpublished) on his thought are being published, with the aim of further developing the analysis that goes back to the present and of searching through his toolbox in order to meet the challenges of our time. A work that for us means both historical investigation and theoretical contamination of de Feo with contemporary analysis.
The archive envisages mainly three types of publications, all monthly: de Feo's writings, in the form of articles and accompanied by pdfs of the originals; in between, articles (unpublished or edited) by his friends, students, companions and colleagues, together with written and/or multimedia interviews with them.
We would like to thank the girls and boys of Scuola Open Source who helped us to supervise the project, especially Enrico Corsi.

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