Academy of Management Perspectives Special Mention Award

Prize: external Prizes, scholarships, distinctions, appointmentsResearch

Elke Schüßler (Recipient), Benson L. Honig (Recipient), Joseph Lampel (Recipient), Joel A.C. Baum (Recipient), Mary Ann Glynn (Recipient), Runtian Jing (Recipient), Michael Lounsbury (Recipient), David G. Sirmon (Recipient), Anne S. Tsui (Recipient), James P. Walsh (Recipient) & Arjen van Witteloostuijn (Recipient)

Reflections on Scientific Misconduct in Management: Unfortunate Incidents or a Normative Crisis?

The mission of the Academy of Management Perspectives journal is to provide accessible articles about important issues concerning management and business. Articles published in AMP translate research findings for a non-expert audience and rely on evidence based research to advance understanding of management issues that are relevant to a broad audience.
Awarded date2019
Degree of recognitionInternational
Awarded at event79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management - AOM 2019
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