Tushar Rastogi


Tushar Rastogi


Dr. Tushar Rastogi

  1. 2014
  2. Developing the ‘Benign by Design’ Approach for a Rational Design of Green Derivatives of b -Blockers: Propranolol as an Example

    Tushar Rastogi (presenter)


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  3. Rational Design of Green, (Bio) Degradable β Adrenergic Receptor Blocker Derivatives through Non - Targeted Synthesis: Atenolol as an Example

    Klaus Kümmerer (presenter), Tushar Rastogi (presenter) & Christoph Leder (presenter)


    Activity: Talk or presentationPresentations (poster etc.)Research

  4. Qualitative Environmental Risk Assessment of Photolytic Transformation Products (TPs) of Iodinated X-ray Contrast Media (ICM): Diatrizoic acid

    Tushar Rastogi (presenter)


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  5. 2012
  6. „Erkennen, Untersuchen, Modellieren – Vom Nutzen des Verstehens“

    Klaus Kümmerer (Participant), Tushar Rastogi (Participant), Jakob Menz (Participant), Anju Priya Toolaram (Participant), Christoph Leder (Participant) & Richard Bolek (Participant)


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