SPARQL Querying Benchmarks

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Saleem Muhammad - Speaker

Ricardo Usbeck - Speaker

Michael Roden - Speaker

Axel Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo - Speaker

Benchmarking is indispensable when aiming to assess technologies
with respect to their suitability for given tasks. The importance of SPARQL queries
for Linked Data management has led to the development of several benchmarks
that allow assessing the performance of SPARQL query processing systems. This
tutorial will explore the different benchmarks used for SPARQL query process-
ing over Linked Data. In particular, we will focus on the design, key features,
evaluation setup, and pros and cons of the benchmarks used to evaluate the perfor-
mance of triple stores and federated SPARQL query engines. State-of-the-art triple
stores and federated SPARQL benchmarks will be practically demonstrated with
examples along with hands-on experience and exercises to be carried out by the
participants. By the end of the tutorial, participants will obtain hands-on knowl-
edge of the triple stores and federated SPARQL querying benchmarks, understand
the main differences between state-of-the-art systems and benchmarks, and be
able to pick the right benchmark based on their pros and cons and the use-case


15th International Semantic Web Conference, ISWC 2016


Kobe, Japan

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