Institutional dynamics of affecting and being affected: The emotionalization of injustice and the threat of withdrawing the organizational identification

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Serhat Karakayali - Speaker

Yvonne Albrecht - Speaker

Organizations attempting to increase and institutionalize diversity in their structures are often facing internal resistance. Whether such resistance is expressed in open debates, or in “silent” obviation partly depends on existing structures, and the organizational culture. According to Alexander (2017) actors need to emotionally dramatize injustices for successfully making their demands. Aesthetic “tools” of framing experiences must be employed for creating critical moments. For investigating aspects of dramatization in organizations, we adapt Alexander’s insights and present empirical data from our current research project about civil society organizations. We investigate how the trade union “ver.di” is dealing with migration and diversity.


Diversity Affects | Troubling Institutions: Jahrestagung SFB Affective Societies


Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Event: Conference