37th EGOS Colloquium - EGOS 2021

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Janice Wobst - presenter

Rainer Lueg - Coauthor

Yassin Denis Bouzzine - presenter

A society is considered to be inclusive when all its members have access to relevant information and resources and, at the same time, demonstrate a willingness and capacity to develop rich and meaningful lives for themselves, and for others. In its pursuit of ideals such as equality and respect for diversity, inclusivity lies at the core of contemporary visions on modern democratic societies. Yet, we do not need reminding that inclusion is inextricably linked with exclusion and therefore may demand that we address difficult questions, trade-offs, and conundrums. Inclusivity depends on an ongoing effort to create and maintain organizations, institutions, and environments, as well as practices and languages, in which and through which these ideals find their expression, but which can also be contested. The ambition of a society that enables and fosters participation – one in which no one is left behind – may, paradoxically, never be fully accomplished.
37th EGOS Colloquium - EGOS 2021


37th EGOS Colloquium - EGOS 2021: Organising for an Inclusive Society: Meanings, Motivations and Mechanisms


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Event: Conference