Wirtschaftspsychologie in der Mongolei: Aufbau eines Studienprogramms und Netzwerks in Ulaanbaatar

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The University of Lueneburg (UL) (former University of Applied Sciences NON) and its Mongolian partner, the University of Commerce and Business Ulaanbaatar (UCB), are cooperating in the implementation of innovative study programmes and modern management in higher education. A part of the project is to establish an educational capacity in business psychology, additionally, an HRD programme for personnel managers is being implemented in cooperation with the "Mongolian Society for Human Resource Management".
In detail: The Mongolian-German team analysed the demand for organisational psychological competencies in Mongolian companies and developed a curriculum in response to the demand and the existing personnel resources. The authors gave talks and conducted training seminars on Human Resource Selection and Development, as well as E-learning. Besides the contents, alternative didactical methods concepts to lecturing were presented. Similar seminars were performed with practitioners from companies.
Future activities will include programmes to qualify young Mongolian scientists at the University of Lueneburg. Public Relations Management for business persons, as well for academia, will be supported by publications of the newly founded "Mongolian Journal for Human Resource Management".
The other parts of the UCB-UL cooperation are related to business law and social management; the Mongolian Ministry of Education and Science is also included in the field of management and quality improvement in higher education. The programmes are financed by two projects of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and a project of the Trans-European Mobility Programme for University Studies (TEMPUS).
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