Vocational identity as a mediator of the relationship between core self-evaluations and life and job satisfaction

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This study investigated whether vocational identity achievement mediates the relation between basic personality dispositions (i.e. core self-evaluations) and career and well-being outcomes in terms of job and life satisfaction. Two studies with Swiss adolescents were conducted. Study 1 (N= 310) investigated students in eighth grade, prior to making the transition to vocational education and training (VET); it showed that vocational identity related positively to life satisfaction but that this relationship disappeared once core self-evaluations were controlled. Study 2 (N= 150) investigated students in their second year of VET; it showed that job satisfaction was unrelated to identity and self-evaluations. However, identity fully mediated the relation between self-evaluations and life satisfaction.
ZeitschriftApplied Psychology
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 10.2011