Structuring and advancing solution-oriented research for sustainability: This article belongs to Ambio’s 50th Anniversary Collection. Theme: Solutions-oriented research

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The sustainability challenges the world faces today call for concerted and immediate action. Complementing problem-oriented, descriptive-analytical research with solution-oriented research could strengthen sustainability science’s contribution to address these challenges. We introduce different types of solution-oriented sustainability research to structure the discourse, outline opportunities to advance this research trajectory, and close with recommendations on how to support particularly students and early career researchers in getting involved with solution-oriented sustainability research.

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We want to acknowledge the very valuable comments of two anonymous reviewers and the editors that helped to substantially improve the quality of this publication. The ideas and reflections presented in this perspective article are based on many collaborations with colleagues over the last years, particularly the members of our teams. We are very grateful for all of their inputs and help. Arnim Wiek wants to especially thank Dr. Nigel Forrest in this regard.

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