Planificación urbana versus autoregulación: la ciudad de Fortaleza (Brasil) como tablero de juego de diferentes agentes

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The role of Fortaleza as aregional metropolis is quite young as it is only during the last decades that the urban development got characterized by extremely strong demographic, economic and political dynamics. In this context the urban space has turned intoanexpensive merchandise, which is disputed among contradictory interests of companies, real estate speculators, politicians and the rest of the population. This conflict of interests finds its expression in the city´s physiognomy due to the lack of urban planning. The present article intends to identify how and to what degree local power structures are influencing the process of urban development and undermining the urban planning institution. Moreover it analyses the negative impacts of the lack of regulating mecanisms on the recent changes of the city.
Titel in ÜbersetzungStadtplanung versus Selbststeuerung: die Stadt Fortaleza (Brasilien) als Schachbrett verschiedener Akteure
ZeitschriftScripta Nova
PublikationsstatusErschienen - 15.10.2001

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