Neoliberalism in Crisis

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This review article examines two recent books, Verónica Gago’s La potencia feminista o el deseo de cambiarlo todo (Buenos Aires, Tinta Limón, 2019) and Diego Sztulwark’s La ofensiva sensible: Neoliberalismo, populismo y el reverso de lo político (Buenos Aires, Caja Negra, 2019). Both works approach the crisis of neoliberal governance in Argentina, and the new forms of collectivity that it has produced, as a heuristic lens for understanding the dynamics of contemporary political economy. In doing so, both authors also make important claims on their own mode of inquiry, which, derived from their earlier work as members of the Colectivo Situaciones, aims to decipher, rather than prescribe, forms of practical knowledge operating in the political situations they study. The present essay explores the way each book formulates the specificity of this knowledge and the language of its transmission.

ZeitschriftJournal of Latin American Cultural Studies
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