Mechanical characterization of as-cast AA7075/6060 and CuSn6/Cu99.5 compounds using an experimental and numerical push-out test

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The present paper describes an experimental method and innovative numerical approach in the mechanical testing of rotationally symmetric, as-cast bilayer compounds using a push-out test. Specimens consisting of AA7075/6060 and CuSn6/Cu99.5 were fabricated by static and semi-continuous compound casting, respectively. Optical and mechanical testing methods showed a cohesive bonding character and a negligibly small transition zone between the joining partners. The shear strength was investigated by using an experimental push-out test. The experiments were reviewed by means of a finite element analysis. Therefore, Johnson-Cock failure parameters were determined for each casting material. Subsequently, a multi-sectional numerical model was built up to simulate the mechanical behavior of an as-cast bimetal sample during push-out testing. Lastly, a numerical parameter study yielded a strong dependency between optimized loads at the interface and the ratio of die clearance and sample thickness as well as the interface position.

ZeitschriftMaterials Science and Engineering
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 28.03.2019