Investigation of biodegradation behaviour of an Mg-1Ca alloy influenced by heat treatment and applying plasma-chemical oxidation layers

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  • S. Schmigalla
  • S. Bender
  • A. Heyn
  • N. Hort
  • Jens Schmidt

The degradation behaviour of an Mg-1Ca alloy is investigated in vitro to figure out the possibilities of influencing the degradation behaviour of such an alloy by applying heat treatment as well as the use of a coating system based on plasma-chemical oxidation. It is shown that an optimised solution annealing (T4-heat treatment) can reduce the degradation rate while an additional ageing between 240 and 300 °C (T6-heat treatment) increases it. A coating generated by plasma-chemical oxidation reduces the degradation rate in the immersion test. Its effect is depending on the former heat treatment of the Mg-1Ca alloy as well as on the parameter during plasma-chemical oxidation.

ZeitschriftMaterials and Corrosion
Seiten (von - bis)578-584
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 07.2013
Extern publiziertJa