Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship: An Extended Approach

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Evidence-based entrepreneurship (EBE) is the science-informed practice of entrepreneurship. It has recently gained momentum in entrepreneurship research. In particular, the systematic accumulation of evidence in terms of quantitative meta-analyses has increased considerably. The chapter recognizes the meta-analyses conducted in the domain of psychological approaches in entrepreneurship. At the same time, the chapter recognizes that the evidence-base entrepreneurship has been used in quite a narrow way. The chapter aims to extend the methodological approach underlying evidence-based entrepreneurship. Specifically, we seek to look at evidence in a broader way including quantitative and qualitative methods to advance our understanding of entrepreneurship from an evidence-based perspective. Our model of evidence based entrepreneurship integrates meta-analysis, the synthesis of qualitative studies, integrative synthesis, randomized control traits and randomized control trails with a qualitative component.
TitelThe Psychology of Entrepreneurship : New Perspectives
HerausgeberMichael M. Gielnik, Melissa S. Cardon, Michael Frese
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VerlagRoutledge, Taylor & Francis Group (GB)
ISBN (Print)9780367684471, 0367684470 , 9780367684495
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 2021