Elbe DSS: a planning support system for strategic river basin planning

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  • Bernhard M. Hahn
  • Sebastian Kofalk
  • Jean-Luc Kok
  • Jürgen Berlekamp
  • Mariele Evers
The German part of the Elbe River and its basin are characterized by multiple problems and objectives that call for strategic management based on an integrated approach. In August 2002, the region suffered a catastrophic flood with loss of lives and damage amounting to over 9 billion Euro. During the summer months, because of low flows, shipping along the river is problematic, which considerably reduces the economic transport capacity of the river. Several areas along the river act as a habitat for rare plant and animal species and have been designated as nature reserves. The output of diffuse and point sources of pollution in the river basin must be controlled in order to comply with standards of the EU Water Framework Directive (EU 2000).
TitelPlanning support systems : best practice and new methods
HerausgeberStan Geertman, John Stillwell
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