Collaborative modelling for active involvement of stakeholders in urban flood risk management

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  • Mariele Evers
  • Andreja Jonoski
  • Cedo T. Maksimovič
  • Leonie Lange
  • Susana Ochoa Rodriguez
  • A. Teklesadik
  • J. Cortes Arevalo
  • Adrian Almoradie
  • Nuno Eduardo Simões
  • Lei Wang
  • Christos Makropoulos

This paper presents an approach to enhance the role of local stakeholders in dealing with urban floods. The concept is based on the DIANE-CM project (Decentralised Integrated Analysis and Enhancement of Awareness through Collaborative Modelling and Management of Flood Risk) of the 2nd ERANET CRUE funding initiative. The main objective of the project was to develop and test an advanced methodology for enhancing the resilience of local communities to flooding. Through collaborative modelling, a social learning process was initiated that enhances the social capacity of the stakeholders due to the interaction process. The other aim of the project was to better understand how data from hazard and vulnerability analyses and improved maps, as well as from the near real-time flood prediction, can be used to initiate a public dialogue (i.e. collaborative mapping and planning activities) in order to carry out more informed and shared decision-making processes and to enhance flood risk awareness. The concept of collaborative modelling was applied in two case studies: (1) the Cranbrook catchment in the UK, with focus on pluvial flooding; and (2) the Alster catchment in Germany, with focus on fluvial flooding. As a result of the interactive and social learning process, supported by sociotechnical instruments, an understanding of flood risk was developed amongst the stakeholders and alternatives for flood risk management for the respective case study area were jointly developed and ranked as a basis for further planning and management.

ZeitschriftNatural Hazards and Earth System Sciences
Seiten (von - bis)2821-2842
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 12.09.2012