Der ‚Stachel des Digitalen‘ – ein Anreiz zur Selbstreflexion in den Geisteswissenschaften? Ein philosophischer Kommentar zu den Digital Humanities in neun Thesen

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A reflection of the Digital Humanities opens up a perspective in which aspects of humanities practice, which are mostly hidden in the traditional self-image of the humanities, can be made explicit. ‘Critique of digital reason‘ means that a reflection of digital practice can contribute to self-enlightenment of the humanities about the character of their ‘analog’ actions. At its core, it is about the relativity of the role of interpretation. Like all sciences Humanities have also a material, empirical basis in their texts, images and artifacts. And like all sciences Humanities operate in a space of an alphanumeric sign systems, where not only letters yet numbers play a crucial role. The short paper served to underlay the opening lecture at DHd 2018, 26.2. 2018, Universität Köln.
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 19.06.2018