Assessment of upstream bioprocessing

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Depending on the purpose and use, bioprocesses are carried out in order to reduce, maintain or increase the molar O/C ratio of biomass as the initial substrate. Cascade use considers the holistic and efficient use of biomass. In the current debate of biomass use, however, one may admit that an efficient use of biomass can further be based on the maintenance of initially present molar O/C ratio and functionality. In this regard, what compound should be formed that possesses highest functionality and similar molar O/C ratio as the substrate? How much energy should be spent on bioprocesses for the conversion of
biomass under aerobic or anaerobic conditions? This study discusses and contributes to the efficiency assessment of aerobic and anaerobic bioprocesses based on chemical functionality and molar O/C ratio and their scale-depended energy need for creating appropriate environmental conditions for biological agents.
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