Analyzing the social factors that influence willingness to pay for invasive alien species management under two different strategies: Eradication and prevention

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  • Marina García-Llorente
  • Berta Martín-López
  • Paulo A L D Nunes
  • José A. González
  • Paloma Alcorlo
  • Carlos Montes

Biological invasions occur worldwide, and have been the object of ecological and socio-economic research for decades. However, the manner in which different stakeholder groups identify the problems associated with invasive species and confront invasive species management under different policies remains poorly understood. In this study, we conducted an econometric analysis of the social factors influencing willingness to pay for invasive alien species management under two different regimes: eradication and prevention in the Doñana Natural Protected Area (SW Spain). Controlling for the participation of local residents, tourists and conservationists, email and face-to-face questionnaires were conducted. Results indicated that respondents were more willing to pay for eradication than prevention; and public support for invasive alien species management was influenced by an individual's knowledge and perception of invasive alien species, active interest in nature, and socio-demographic attributes. We concluded that invasive alien species management research should confront the challenges to engage stakeholders and accept any tradeoffs necessary to modify different conservation policies to ensure effective management is implemented. Finally, our willingness to pay estimates suggest the Department of Environment of Andalusian Government has suitable social support to meet the budgetary expenditures required for invasive alien species plans and adequate resources to justify an increase in the invasive alien species management budget.

ZeitschriftEnvironmental Management
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 09.2011
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  • Contingent valuation, Doñana, Eradication, Invasive alien species, Prevention, Willingness to pay
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