An Estimation of the Total Benefit Value of the British Countryside for Recreational Activities: Discussion Paper

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This paper aims to estimate the total benefit value of the British countryside for recreational use. For this purpose its focus is on the main countryside habitat types used for informal rural recreation. After an introduction to the concept of total economic value and its relation to valuation methods for environmental goods, it is sought to estimate the total benefit value of the British countryside. These estimates are based on a review of previous valuation studies and on current figures for designated preservation areas and recreational activities in the countryside. The monetary values from previous studies on the basis of current area and use figures are extrapolated to obtain a first estimate of the total economic value. This estimate then is discussed and adjusted for method-bound limitations, especially possible over-estimates from revealed preference methods. Finally some policy-relevant conclusions are drawn
VerlagCentre for Sustainability Management
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ISBN (Print)3935630530, 978-3-935630-53-5
PublikationsstatusErschienen - 11.2005