Maple Leaf & Stars and Stripes: Encountering Canada and the United States (1. Ringvorlesung)

Projekt: Wissenschaftliche Veranstaltung


  • Moss, Maria (Wissenschaftliche Projektleitung)
  • Henck, Maryann (Wissenschaftliche Projektleitung)
  • Völz, Sabrina (Wissenschaftliche Projektleitung)


This interdisciplinary lecture series offers a variety of historical, political, ethnographic as well as literary perspectives on contemporary events and topics from the neighbouring North American countries that meet at the 49th parallel: Canada and the United States. Scholars from North America as well as Germany will take a critical look at issues ranging from women’s empowerment and leadership in the U.S, slavery in Canada and the US, and multi-ethnic literature. Additionally, lectures and readings from French and English-speaking writers from Canada will provide a literary highlight in this series.

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