International Spring School for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (ESC Rennes - Leuphana)

Projekt: Lehre und Studium



The lecture is offered as a spring school for students from the ESC Rennes School of Business and has been opened to Leuphana students. It consists of two parts: I. Logistics and Supply Chain Management and II. Modelling and Simulation

In part I students will learn about the main management approaches for designing a logistics network and a production facility as well as how to successfully operate the production and logistics system of a manufacturing and services enterprise. Various case studies and a guest lecture from a leading logistics consultancy will introduce the practitioner’s points of view.

In part II students will apply their new knowledge. Since logistics systems are often too complex to develop analytical methods that can be used to predict the system's behaviour, modeling and simulation is used to derive insight about the behaviour of complex systems before changes are implemented. Students will learn how complex logistics systems can be modeled as discrete-event systems, will be given an introduction to the theory of discrete event simulation, and shown how to analyze the output of a simulation study. Students will also get an introduction of how to develop and conduct simulation experiments and how to analyze the behaviour of discrete-event systems.


- Key concepts of logistics and supply chain management
- Introduction into business process modelling and discrete event simulation
- Working in an international, inter- and transdisciplinary environment