Encounter: An art research workshop with Bracha Ettinger

Projekt: Wissenschaftliche Veranstaltung



During the first half of the workshop, Bracha will talk on the idea of encounter-eventing and self-fragilization as a passage to wit(h)nessing and from there to witnessing; of the matrixial-feminine affects and the photo-ethics they engender. Bracha will focus on ways of transmission by artworking; and will try to explain what she means by carriance as art-practice, and as a subject inside the artwork's space, and also as a venue for awareness and self-critique.
The second half of the workshop will be dedicated to discussion prompted by three presentations.

Katharine Fry, Diana Georgiou, Sanjita Majumder, Katerina Genidogan, Kyoung Kim, Emily McMehan, Bridget Crone, Michael Newman, Alice Andrews, Kristen Kreider, Nina Danino + Niki Tulk (via Skype)