Consulting Project: Kunstverein Springhornhof: membership programme

Projekt: Praxisprojekt



The aim of the consulting project is to help the Kunstverein in defining a fundraising strategy in order to increase the support (and the participation) of companies.

The analysis of the institutional and organizational model has raised issues about the potential overlapping of responsibilities and functions between the Stiftung and Kunstverein at Springhornof.
During a meeting, participants have actually stated that the model is effective and consistent with the actual activities at Springhornhof.

The financial analysis has raised issues about the business model and the relatively low diversification in the sources of revenue (fundraising). To figure out a potential different sources of revenue it is necessary to develop a strategic plan of development of Springhornhof that might include a change in the institutional model. Out of the mission statement, Springhorhof should explicitly define a vision, decide what it wants to be in 10 years. Consequently, specific actions can be implemented to progressively attain that vision.