CAPFLO - Local resilience capacity building for flood mitigation

Projekt: Forschung



Flood risk management has undergone major changes, as new approaches, such as capacity building, are on the rise. In comparison to the traditional approach focusing mainly on protection against floods, new strategies to anticipate, respond to, cope with, recover from and adapt to floods are endorsed, such as social and civic capacity. However, further evaluation is required. In this project we aim at the design of two consistent tools to assess social and civic capacities to cope with flood risk at local level and to apply these later on in 5 pilot urban case studies in different European river basins, which are conducted by all project partner universities (Autnonomous Universtiy Barcelona, University Amsterdam, Université Paris Est Créteil, Politecnico di Milano). Apart from this pilot case study, the main task of our research group is to identify good practices and illuminate how these capacities could be built in order to disseminate our results through a Guideline on social and civic capacity building.