Dirk Berg-Schlosser Award, Second Prize: Verliehen auf der ECPR Summer School in Methods and Techniques

Auszeichnung: Externe Preise, Stipendien, Auszeichnungen, ErnennungenForschung

Jan Günter Berz (Empfänger/-in)

This prize is given to the originators of the three best info-graphic posters at our annual Summer Methods School. The award recognises the instrumental role of eminent political scientist Dirk Berg-Schlosser in bringing our Methods School to life.

Creating a poster is an ideal opportunity to present your work-in-progress in a concise, accessible, visually appealing format, and to receive feedback from fellow participants, Teaching Assistants and Instructors. Typically, the work would form part of your PhD research, but it could also be an ongoing applied research project or similar.
Datum der Bewilligung08.2017
VergabeorganisationenThe European Consortium for Political Research