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  1. 2022
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    In search of the Holy Grail of Rodent control: Step-by-step implementation of safe and sustainable-by-design principles on the example of rodenticides

    Hohenberger, J., Friesen, A., Wieck, S. & Kümmerer, K., 19.01.2022, in : Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy. 25, 19 S., 100602.

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  3. 2021
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    The contribution of material circularity to sustainability—Recycling and reuse of textiles

    Keßler, L., Matlin, S. A. & Kümmerer, K., 12.2021, in : Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry. 32, Special Issue, 10 S., 100535.

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    Toward Application and Implementation of in Silico Tools and Workflows within Benign by Design Approaches

    Lorenz, S., Amsel, A. K., Puhlmann, N., Reich, M., Olsson, O. & Kümmerer, K., 20.09.2021, in : ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering. 9, 37, S. 12461-12475 15 S.

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    Growth and fatty acid composition of Acutodesmus obliquus under different light spectra and temperatures

    Helamieh, M., Gebhardt, A., Reich, M., Kuhn, F., Kerner, M. & Kümmerer, K., 09.2021, in : Lipids. 56, 5, S. 485-498 14 S.

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    Towards the design of organosilicon compounds for environmental degradation by using structure biodegradability relationships

    Grabitz, E., Olsson, O. & Kümmerer, K., 09.2021, in : Chemosphere. 279, 12 S., 130442.

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    Sources and pathways of biocides and their transformation products in urban storm water infrastructure of a 2 ha urban district

    Linke, F., Olsson, O., Preusser, F., Kümmerer, K., Schnarr, L., Bork, M. & Lange, J., 20.08.2021, in : Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 25, 8, S. 4495-4512 18 S.

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    Towards the design of active pharmaceutical ingredients mineralizing readily in the environment

    Puhlmann, N., Mols, R., Olsson, O., Slootweg, J. C. & Kümmerer, K., 21.07.2021, in : Green Chemistry . 23, 14, S. 5006-5023 18 S.

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    Reducing Environmental Pollution by Antibiotics through Design for Environmental Degradation

    Leder, C., Suk, M., Lorenz, S., Rastogi, T., Pfeifer, C., Kietzmann, M., Jonas, D., Buck, M., Pahl, A. & Kümmerer, K., 19.07.2021, in : ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. 9, 28, S. 9358–9368 11 S.

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    Integrating Sustainability into Learning in Chemistry

    Wissinger, J. E., Visa, A., Saha, B. B., Matlin, S. A., Mahaffy, P. G., Kümmerer, K. & Cornell, S., 13.04.2021, in : Journal of Chemical Education. 98, 4, S. 1061-1063 3 S.

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    Modification of the Lipid Profile of the Initial Oral Biofilm In Situ Using Linseed Oil as Mouthwash

    Kensche, A., Reich, M., Hannig, C., Kümmerer, K. & Hannig, M., 19.03.2021, in : Nutrients. 13, 3, S. 1-13 13 S., 989.

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