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    Dialogue on Writing: Rethinking ESL, Basic Writing, and First Year Composition

    Völz, S., 01.09.2002, in: TESL-EJ. 6, 2

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    "Oxford preparation Course for the TOEIC Test"

    Völz, S., 01.12.2004, in: TESL-EJ. 8, 3, 1 S.

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    The ABCs of Inclusive English Teacher Education: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study Examining the Attitudes, Beliefs and (Reflective) Competence of Pre-Service Foreign Language Teachers

    Blume, C., Gerlach, D., Roters, B. & Schmidt, T., 02.2019, in: TESL-EJ. 22, 4, 17 S.

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