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  1. 2021
  2. Mapping water ecosystem services: Evaluating InVEST model predictions in data scarce regions

    Benra, F., De Frutos, A., Gaglio, M., Álvarez-Garretón, C., Felipe-Lucia, M. R. & Bonn, A., 01.04.2021, in: Environmental Modelling & Software. 138, 104982.

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  3. 2014
  4. Erschienen

    Coupled component modelling for inter- and transdisciplinary climate change impact research: Dimensions of integration and examples of interface design

    Strasser, U., Vilsmaier, U., Prettenhaler, F., Marke, T., Steiger, R., Damm, A., Hanzer, F., Wilcke, R. A. I. & Stötter, J., 10.2014, in: Environmental Modelling & Software. 60, S. 180-187 8 S.

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  5. Erschienen

    Uncertainty in the river export modelling of pesticides and transformation products

    Gassmann, M., Khodorkovsky, M., Friedler, E., Dubowski, Y. & Olsson, O., 01.2014, in: Environmental Modelling & Software. 51, S. 35-44 10 S.

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  6. 2001
  7. A strategic decision support tool for indicating airport sustainability

    Thomas, C., Raper, D., Upham, P., Gillingwater, D., Yang, Y. & Hinde, C., 01.04.2001, in: Environmental Modelling & Software. 16, 3, S. 297-298 2 S.

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