Pan European Entrepreneurship Researchers PEER (Externe Organisation)

Aktivität: MitgliedschaftNetzwerke und PartnerschaftenForschung

Silke Tegtmeier - Vorstand

Treasurer beim Netzwerk PEER

The Pan European Entrepreneurship Research group is a group of European researchers hosted by the Paris Dauphine in Paris France.
This adventure started in 2001 when the French ministry of Education launched the “European Summer Universities” . The aim of these Summer Universities was to gather together small groups of researchers combining possibilities for common research and cultural visits.

Since the end of this program, a group of European researchers coming from Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom decided to continue the spirit of the ESU creating the PEER group.

PEER in an inspiring and motivated small group where the rules are :
o to exchange ideas,
o to proceed to common research (3 common papers are presented in the ICSB conference this year),
o to try to construct/reshape European Entrepreneurship research,
o to exchange experiences,
o to exchange professors (3 this year),
o to make positive criticism and comparisons.

PEER is a community of academics and practitioners in Entrepreneurship, their aim is to achieve collaborative advantage.

Body type: Forschungsnetzwerk
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