International Conference "Groove the City" 2018

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Volker Kirchberg - Organisator*in

Robin Kuchar - Organisator*in

Lisa Gaupp - Organisator*in

Alenka Barber-Kersovan - Organisator*in

Robin Kuchar - Vorsitzende/r

Urban Music Policies between Informal Networks and Institutional Governance International symposium of the Urban Music Studies Scholars Network in collaboration with the Institute of Sociology and Cultural Organization, Leuphana University of Lüneburg. Since Urban Music Studies are a lively field of research with a high discursive and trans- disciplinary potential, we welcome critical reflections from a broad range of disciplines, such as for example: Historical Musicology, Sociology of Music, Urban Theory, Urban Sociology, Policy Studies/ Political Science, Geography, Ethnomusicology, Popular Music Studies, Cultural Studies, Architecture, Media Studies, Sustainability Studies or Intersectionality & Diversity Studies, All musical genres can be subjects of discussion, and though the focus should lay on the current situation, historical contributions are also of interest.
International Conference "Groove the City" 2018


International Conference "Groove the City" 2018: Urban Music Policies Between Informal Networks and Institutional Governance


Lüneburg, Deutschland

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