Higher Education Research Conference - EFMD 2013

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Ferdinand Wenzlaff - Sprecher*in

Institutional Work and Organizational Transformation: A Case Study of A University Merger

Taking a perspective of institutional work, we aim to investigate how competing institutional logics play out within a single organization during a radical organizational transformation. We highlight how the organizational field-level interacts within the organization when members engage in translating, maintaining, or changing organizational practices and identities. We use data of a case study of a unique academic merger between two distinct institutional types involving a high degree of plurality. The case is further unique as in the subsequent transformation an almost complete dissolution of former structures occurred. Our findings contribute to the further development of neo-institutional theory, neglecting intra-organizational dynamics and practices involved processes of change.
Higher Education Research Conference - EFMD 2013


Higher Education Research Conference - EFMD 2013


Paris, Frankreich

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