MICSIM-4J - A new microsimulation model for research and teaching

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In recent years, microsimulation models (MSM) have been used more and more for quantitative analyses of individual effects of economic and social policy alternatives. A major shortcoming of previous MSMs was the user-friendliness and high complexity of the software system used for this purpose. For this purpose, the Research Institute for Liberal Professions is developing MICSIM, a user-friendly PC microsimulation model for research and teaching. In the period under review, we abandoned the previous Cient Server model and created a new Java-based working environment. Due to the widespread use of Java, the program can be used almost platform-independently and can be maintained and further developed without problems. As a first extension, the former stand-alone component ADJUST was completely re-ported in Java and integrated into MICSIM during the reporting period. The former MICSIM and also the remaining stand-alone component DISTRI will continue to be used for numerous content analyses in various FFB research projects. In addition, MICSIM is available to students and is used intensively in the context of the course Politikevaluation.