Detailed planning and workplace design of a laser production line at a company from the maritime industry

Project: Transfer (R&D project)

Project participants


The medium-sized industrial partner produces laser technology for measuring water-soluble gases at great depths. Its customer portfolio includes renowned plant engineering companies from the offshore energy generation and oil production sectors. Following a development phase of several years for the measuring instruments, the company is looking forward to a very dynamic order situation. However, the rapidly growing demand is presenting the company with logistical challenges in terms of planning and controlling production and logistics processes.
The aim of the cooperation project was to design the final assembly of the laser area in a modular way so that the assembly system can also be used for future product lines.
For this purpose, the spatial conditions were analysed and compared with the process sequences against the background of the required spatial and technical specifications of the current and future product lines. The production equipment was then designed and positioned accordingly, with particular attention to the versatility of the assembly system.
The resulting final assembly structure enables the company to re-evaluate processes in a structured manner and adapt them to future products with little financial and time input.
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