European Data Watch Extended - Enhancing the project's pilot application towards an integrated solution for managing research data in economics journals

Project: Research

Project participants

  • Wagner, Joachim (Partner)
  • Seusing, Ekkehart (Coordination)
  • Wagner, Gert G. (Partner)


In empirical economic research, there are currently hardly any effective ways of providing or using research data in the context of the associated text publications to promote replication, criticism and academic discourse. The goal of EDaWaX is to develop a publication-related data archive for the first time as part of a holistic approach that addresses the challenges associated with this. The solution offered by EDaWaX is holistic because it systematically addresses today's difficulties, such as the lack of incentive structures in the replication of research results and the multiple use of data, based on a scientifically sound analysis. Parallel to this, existing solutions in the context of data archives and economic journals as well as the legal framework are examined with regard to their suitability for the requirements of EDaWaX. In a second step, based on the results of the analysis, a metadata schema for the description and labeling of data will be developed and a set of rules for the schema-conform transformation of descriptions and data will be created. Finally, in the third step, the findings will lead to the pilot application of an innovative publication-related data archive. A project with the complexity of EDaWaX can only be successfully implemented if complementary competencies are brought in through the project partners.
AcronymEDaWaX II