Digitalisation of the assembly and test documentation of a supplier to the oil and gas industry

Project: Transfer (R&D project)

Project participants


The medium-sized industrial partner produces sensors for measuring water-soluble gases at great depths. The customer portfolio includes well-known plant engineering companies from the fields of offshore energy generation and oil production. Following a development phase of several years for the measuring instruments, the company is looking forward to a very dynamic order situation. The rapidly growing demand, however, presents the company with logistical challenges with regard to the planning and control of production and logistics processes. The aim of the cooperation project was to meet the oil and gas industry's high demands on the documentation of the production process and the resulting traceability of each individual part using digitization methods. For this purpose, all logs were transferred from paper or table form to a central database and the workstations were equipped with tablets for digital value recording. The resulting software component enables the company to collect all necessary data for the documentation to be submitted to the customer at the push of a button.
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