Digital Knowledge Transfer Model

Project: Transfer (R&D project)

Project participants


The "Digital Knowledge Transfer Model" project, financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the state of Lower Saxony, aims to promote and further develop digital change in research and development using digital tools in knowledge transfer in cooperation with the regional economy and society. In order to determine research and transfer results on relevant issues of digitization and current challenges of the region, scouting talks will be held with scientists, SMEs and multipliers from the region during the project. Based on these discussions, innovative matching workshops will promote the desired cooperation between science and practice and ensure that new research and transfer projects and digital innovations are developed. In addition, the project team will develop suitable digital tools conceptually for knowledge transfer and will apply and evaluate them in classical, especially event-based transfer formats of Leuphana. Beyond the use of digital tools and the networking of the actors, a structured approach will be developed to accompany innovation processes and to motivate actors from different sectors and institutions to actively participate in these processes. Within the framework of the project, Leuphana University would like to combine the developed and tested digital formats for knowledge transfer and communication into a new concept for the use of digital tools in knowledge transfer in the form of a handbook with scientific recommendations for other universities, multipliers and companies. The project is a cooperation between the Leuphana Cooperation Service and the Institute for Electronic Business Processes (Faculty of Business and Economics).