Center for European and International Law

Organisational unit: Institute


European Law

In the area of European law, the research focuses on Union constitutional and administrative law, cooperation in criminal law and EU economic law. Here, fundamental questions of the constitutionality of the EU are dealt with as well as current questions of economic law, whereby the connection to sustainability law and the role of the EU as a global actor are of particular importance.

International Law

Research on international law covers the central areas of the law of the international community. This includes questions of international maritime law, global environmental law and legal aid law as well as the foundations of the international legal order (state responsibility, sources of law). The academic work in these fields is application-oriented; it benefits from close cooperation with legal practitioners in governments, international organisations, NGOs and the legal profession.

International Business Law

In the field of international economic law, the focus is on research projects on WTO law and investment protection law. The directors of CEIL have a wide range of experience in the practical examination of the respective topics and have assumed numerous functions in international legal disputes in this context.

European and International Sustainability Law

Research on European and international sustainability law examines the individual legal levels and their interaction from the perspective of sustainability. Based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal, the role and transformation potential of law for central challenges of the present, such as climate change, biodiversity loss or environmental pollution, are examined.

Dispute Resolution

The peaceful settlement of international conflicts is the focus of many of CEIL's research projects. In close cooperation with international institutions (international tribunals, arbitration courts), the diverse regimes of international dispute resolution are researched. In addition to their academic work, directors of CEIL regularly participate in international (arbitration) court proceedings, for example as experts or legal advisors.