Schweizer Landschaftskongress 2020

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Martin Lohmann - Speaker

    In a tandem contribution, Elena Strozzi of Pro Natura (Basel) and Martin Lohmann deal with the topic "Landscape in the conflict between nature conservation and tourism".

    Landscapes are constantly changing, be it due to natural processes, human activities or a changing perception. A development can only take place where these boundaries are overcome together and where a dialogue takes place. The 2nd Swiss Landscape Congress will focus on exactly that. Where borders are, there is an up and over, an inside and outside. Sometimes they are sharp and seem insurmountable, sometimes a diffuse neither-neither-neoch or paralyzing gaps. The borders run in the most diverse forms - between settlement and agriculture or as dissecting traffic routes, between different uses or by subdividing them into different types of space. Sometimes, however, the boundaries are mainly in the mind. What is needed is cooperation. That is why we want to bring together the different cultures, ideas, knowledge systems, levels of government and administration and, of course, above all experts at the 2nd Swiss Landscape Congress. The 2. Swiss landscape congress takes place parallel and in co-operation with the Event to the 20-year anniversary of the European Landscape Convention (ELC).
    Schweizer Landschaftskongress 2020


    Schweizer Landschaftskongress 2020


    Lausanne, Switzerland

    Event: Conference