DIY music venues between Assimilation, Scene-Traditionalism, and ‘Subcultural Institutionalization’

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Robin Kuchar - Speaker

The presentation examines how originally DIY-based music venues handle ongoing transformations within their surrounding urban environment. It takes into account broader processes of urban regeneration, the appearance of a more and more commercialised live music culture and changing spatial strategies of DIY scenes.

Fieldwork around three clubs in Hamburg, Germany – Golden Pudel, Molotow and Mojo Club – shows that the venues undergo different changes in order to preserve their idea(l)s of self-governed cultural work. Therefore, new basic conditions evoke fundamental changes regarding the venues´ initial spatial and cultural strategies, which lead to new constellations and levels of autonomy, professionalisation and institutionalisation.


Visiting Scholars Seminar Series 2018

07.03.18 → …

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Event: Seminar