Universities as learning organizations for sustainability? The task of climate protection

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For two decades the Leuphana University of Lüneburg has addressed socio-ecological issues in research, education and administration. Realizing projects such as “Agenda 21 and University of Lüneburg” (1999), “Sustainable University” (2004) and its mission statement of “Carbon-Neutral University” (2007) entails non-trivial organizational changes. Creating an authentic “Carbon Neutral University” induces multi-level learning and decision problems within the organization. Concepts of organizational learning are considered as most promising approaches to analysing and understanding sustainability-oriented projects. Past, present, and future sustainability projects are explored in this chapter. An organizational learning perspective is applied in order to identify specific phases and mechanisms of organizational developments towards realizing the university’s mission statements. Empirical facts are discussed against the theoretical background of organizational learning. A conceptual perspective is developed for organizational learning in complex fields such as sustainable development.

TitelUniversities and climate change : introducing climate change to university programmes
HerausgeberWalter Leal Filho
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